Our Packaging

Beauty on the outside, and the inside.

At the Lismore Food Company along with taste and flavour we are passionate about design, art, colour, and texture. We feel that the first visual and feel of the packaging reveals so much about the creators, their vision for their product and the most importantly the deliciousness inside awaiting to be revealed! We want the feeling of delight that begins with the very first glance at the packaging to last right the way through until the final bite.

For our initial range of sweet biscuits we chose a burnt orange background combined with hot panel colours to represent each flavour. We aimed for packaging that in many ways represented a modern Ireland but that was classic and had an international look and feel. The gold disc was inspired by the Irish artist Patrick Scott whose work we greatly admire – and of course a little gold add to the luxury.
Our logo of the scales represents the weighing of ingredients in a contrasting blue.

Our savoury range is inspired by the island of Ireland and in particular the rugged west coast from where the wild Atlantic sea salt and seaweed originate. The mustard / saffron background of this range differentiates savoury from sweet while the blue and white panels reflect a sense of the sea.

The fine confections come in boxes with variants of red with gold and blue with gold. The combination of shades of the same colour create a delight for the eye and people love to have both boxes in their kitchens, on the dinner party table – and afterwards on their desk!

When designing our snack range, our aim again was to stand out with something different that looked and felt special – a daily luxury. We knew we wanted a muted background with strong watercolour and gold. Our friend, the artist, Lydia Hugh-Jones painted beautiful apples, leaves and cacao pods while graphic designer Justin O’Connell completed the look superbly keeping the ‘family tradition’ of background, contrasting panel and gold!

In 2018 American Margaret Wilesmiths magnificent book, “Too Good To Eat” offered a visual and background to some of the most beautiful food packaging and finest storied brands from around the world. The Lismore Food Company were honoured to be included with such prestigious brands – we even made the cover!

The barcode of some of our products feature the skyline of Lismore including Lismore Castle and the spire of St. Carthage’s Cathedral. Above the barcode of these products you’ll see PV=K (Boyle’s Law) this is a nod to the great scientist and father of modern chemistry Robert Boyle who was born in Lismore Castle.

The Lismore Food Company, The Summerhouse, Main Street, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. P51 V9HX